Carbon accounting is fast becoming a vital responsibility for any business, organisation or entity. In our blog, we have outlined what carbon accounting entails and why it represents a ‘paradigm shift’ in the way businesses operate.

Modern organisations have a duty to all their stakeholders and this means calculating emissions up and down the supply line to prevent unnecessary carbon production.

In its essence, carbon accounting is the calculation and monitoring of a firm’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. But in any office environment there are clearly defined roles and responsibilities divided among each employee. So, who is responsible for calculating these emissions?

The Role of the Office Manager

An office manager is a person responsible for the administrative activities of a company or organisation. The role entails day-to-day management of space and the general work environment.

The office manager’s main task is ensuring that an organisation’s support staff are operating as smoothly as possible. This requires the allocation of physical resources such as supplies and office space.

A modern office manager is often tasked with analysing the office’s energy consumption. This is a key aspect of maintaining an efficient and healthy office space.

Carbon accounting is more than simply analysing energy consumption. Carbon accounting requires in-depth analysis into where and when emissions are being created by the business. However, this is a good starting point for calculations required.

How Can Emitwise’s Software Help?

Reportwise, our free software, is entirely compliant with carbon accounting regulations including the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting regulations relevant for reporting from 2020. Businesses only need to provide simple fuel and electricity measurements, along with a handful of other data points to use our  free dashboard tool to generate their footprint.

Reportwise calculates emissions and provides an output that can be directly entered into your Directors report, thus allowing your company to meet carbon accounting requirements.

Emitwise Pro, our paid-for service, simplifies this process further. By interacting with data from each different department of an organisation, it gives office managers direct access to streamlined emissions data. Office managers tend to be some of the busiest people in an office space and this software is designed with that in mind.

The software uses machine-learning and Smart Data to streamline carbon accounting and make all the information readily available on an intuitive dashboard. Office managers will be able to seamlessly analyse emissions and make informed consumption decisions for the benefit of the organisation and its stakeholders.

The role of the office manager is progressing. With increased responsibilities regarding the environment, the role can appear to be a difficult one. However, with new technology the added responsibility need not be so time-consuming.