Monitor and manage your carbon footprint

emitWise continuously audits the carbon footprint of your operations and supply chain, helping you remain compliant, improve your brand image, and slash operating costs.

Why emitWise?

Enhance brand sustainability

emitWise supports teams across the entire lifecycle of your products, from R&D to procurement and sales. We ensure they are able to provide sustainable products that resonate with the modern-day customer.

Stay ahead of regulations

Environmental protection regulations and certifications are here to stay. emitWise provides you with the data and analytics infrastructure required to ensure your business is ready for a future where environmental impact is heavily regulated.

Minimise operational inefficiencies

Unsustainable operations are synonymous with inefficiencies and high costs. By highlighting areas of superfluous waste and emissions, emitWise allows you to simultaneously reduce operating costs and carbon emissions.

How it works


emitWise analyses internal business documents, such as procurement sheets, and sources publicly available information to map the carbon footprint of operations and supply chains.


The emitWise Machine Learning platform aggregates and analyses extracted information to accurately estimate the carbon footprint resulting from every process, product, and supplier. 


Our customisable dashboards, which visualise core business KPIs, empower decision-makers by providing a high-level overview of their environmental impact.

The emitWise dashboard

Our customisable dashboard will help you monitor and manage your emissions in real-time.

Carbon mapping

Manage and monitor the carbon footprint of different resources, providers, and of your product portfolio to enhance brand sustainability.

targets & trends

Set monthly/yearly carbon emission targets to help you transition toward carbon neutrality. Use our dashboard to visualise these trends.

Real-time Tracking

Our dashboard lets you track your carbon footprint in real-time. Continuous monitoring has become vital for complex supply chains.


Use emitWise to simulate the environmental impact of potential supply chain adjustments. Explore feasible alternatives to reduce your footprint.

About us

Our mission is to enable all companies around the world to become carbon neutral.

We achieve this by helping businesses manage and monitor the carbon footprint of their operations and supply chains.

The emitWise Machine Learning platform automates the collection of internal resource data and publicly-available company information.

By aggregating hundreds of data sources, we are able to map out the carbon footprint of your supply chain in real-time and provide CO2 estimates / sustainability scores for all the providers, products, and processes you employ.

How emitWise is different


Our continuous auditing tools provide real-time insights to enhance your daily operations.


Machine Learning automates the process of carbon auditing, making it cheaper and more efficient.


Smart data sourcing and structuring allows for quick and seamless onboarding.

Who we are

We are a team of entrepreneurs, data scientists, engineers, seasoned supply chain executives and climate policy experts. We work closely with enterprises, NGOs and the wider community to solve humanity’s most pressing issue in the 21st century. 

To successfully tackle climate change, we must all work together to find innovative ways of aligning business incentives with sustainability. If you’re an individual or organisation interested in joining us in our mission, please get in touch.